WIP Joy!

My WIP is finally finished and in the hands of the Beta Readers. The early feedback is very encouraging. I will be doing pre-sales as I did with Backstage. I’ve just returned from the printers where I have ordered chapbooks containing the first three chapters of…wait for it…

Mr. Darcy: Cogs Maketh the Man

It’s a steampunk retelling of Pride and Prejudice 100% from Mr. Darcy’s perspective. That means not only do you hear his side of it, but you get to experience things only alluded to in the original text. As an example, you KNOW Darcy tracks down Wickham and makes him marry Lydia, but now you get to SEE how he does it!

Plus come on, you know you want to see P&P with airships and clockwork servants.

I will be hosting a book launch party at Ravencon to kick off pre-sales. Come drink my sodas and eat my chocolates. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to get this show on the road!

Batgirl Drabble

All the Batgirl chatter on twitter yesterday swirled around in my subconsious last night and popped out a little scene when I woke up this morning. I don’t claim to be in a position to submit a blockbuster script, but this was short and fun and I wanted to share. Enjoy!


Barbara’s father dried the dishes as she washed them. She could see him sneak furtive glances her way every second or so.

“What’s on your mind Dad?”

He cleared his throat awkwardly – which was a complete tell. Barbara stopped washing, crossed her arms over her chest and stared him down.

“Spill it.”

Her father didn’t look her in the eye as he said, “I’ve invited a promising young detective over for dinner tomorrow so I can mentor him.”

“So you can set me up,” she replied flatly.

“Is it a crime to want to see my daughter happy?”

“I’m too busy to date Dad.”

This time her father did look her in the eye, “I’m not stupid Barbara. No one is too busy to date. Why can’t you be honest with me? I promise whatever it is, I’ll be OK with it. I can handle it. I love you and I always will.”

He looked like he meant it, and she’d been carrying the burden of her double life too long. This was probably the best opportunity she would ever have to come clean.

She blew out a breath and said simply, “I’m Batgirl.”


“You said whatever it was you’d be OK with it,” she reminded him.

“I thought you were going to tell me you’re a lesbian!”

“I AM a lesbian!”

“WHAT?!?!?! You’ve been dating women too?!”


Work in Progress

Many people have asked me if I am working on the sequel to Backstage. I do plan to write two sequels, but I haven’t sold enough copies yet to make that a good use of my time.

So what am I doing? I’m writing a crowd pleaser. It’s a steampunk romance. The idea is to drum up a fan base, who will then like me enough to go back and read Backstage. Then there will be enough Backstage fans to buy the sequels.

Fingers crossed.

What might make me change my mind? Well if people start buying Backstage in droves. Reviewing Backstage on Amazon will help me with that. Also recommending it to your friends. And giving it as gifts.

In case you’d like to do any of that, click here:

Thanks for everything you do! – Joan

The book is FINISHED!!!!!

I don’t want to twist anyone’s arms, but it happens to be available from Amazon for download at:


If you don’t think it’s your kind of thing, just ooh and ah over the cover art and forget about it. On the other hand, if this sounds like something you’d like, please consider giving it a go. Also, if you know someone’s email address you can schedule it’s delivery right to their Kindle on Christmas.

Writing a novel was a BIG item on my bucket list. Now all I need to do is visit Greece and read all the books on my to be read pile and I’m good to go. Not that I’m in a hurry to go, but you get the idea. – Joan

Editing is hard!

I’m in the home stretch now. All the plot is written out but I need to sandwich in some extra descriptive text and a little background narrative. It’s amazing how hard it is to find places to sneak that into. Still, I’ve got all weekend and my Monday off to finish up and be ready for a line editor.

Exciting isn’t it?


I finished the first draft and took it to a developmental editor. She was very supportive of the story. She said it was interesting and did not contain any continuity errors. Then she said this character needs more development, and that plot line needs to have more meaning, and this loose end needs explanation, and there needs to be more description of people and places, and…

Well you get the idea. I’ve got a lot more work ahead of me. So I wrote 2k more words today – all of it character development. Tomorrow I will use this new character development to weave that plot line more firmly into the story. As H. Beam Piper once wrote, if you have enough problems you can use them to solve each other. I hope you can all be patient while I clean up these issues and get a second draft together.

So word count at 74.1k now. Wow.

Broke the barrier

I had some writer’s block this week. Then this morning the first scene from the SECOND book popped into my head this morning. Interesting but NOT helpful. Tonight I forced myself to sit down the keyboard and broke the mental barrier of 70k words. 70.3k to be exact.

I’m very close to marrying up the front and back ends of the novel. Better line up an editor soon!

Shopping for editors

I’m so close to being done I’ve been shopping for editors. There is a huge difference in pricing, not just A is more expensive than B, but A charges by the hour and B charges by the page, and C charges by the word. So it’s very hard to compare prices.

On the plus side though – ALMOST DONE! Halloween latest.