Broke the barrier

I had some writer’s block this week. Then this morning the first scene from the SECOND book popped into my head this morning. Interesting but NOT helpful. Tonight I forced myself to sit down the keyboard and broke the mental barrier of 70k words. 70.3k to be exact.

I’m very close to marrying up the front and back ends of the novel. Better line up an editor soon!

Shopping for editors

I’m so close to being done I’ve been shopping for editors. There is a huge difference in pricing, not just A is more expensive than B, but A charges by the hour and B charges by the page, and C charges by the word. So it’s very hard to compare prices.

On the plus side though – ALMOST DONE! Halloween latest.

Writing While Sad

My father-in-law passed Wednesday night. There’s been a lot of sadness and a lot of logistics to pull together. Thank God for professional funeral directors. Today I’ve taken a little time to get back on the writing horse. It was hard starting, but once I got going it was a good way of taking my mind off of things. The novel stands at 67,500 words.

If you’d ever met my father-in-law you’d know he was a sweet and affectionate man. He was pushing 92, but really there’s no good time to lose someone you love.

More, and Less

I wrote a lot today, but I also edited a fair amount of duplicative material out. The balance left me at 65.4k words, so progress. I’m also having some  luck weaving the B plot line into the narrative which is a good sign. I’ve got one more dedicated day of writing before I hit the day job for a few days. I hope I can get some good work done tomorrow too.

Radio Silence, but Progress Being Made

I know I’ve been bad about updating the blog, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I passed the 60,000 word mark this morning, and I aim to write more this afternoon.

Some of my research is yielding unexpected results. This has added at least one new chapter, and two new characters, maybe three. If I read more international news maybe I wouldn’t have been blindsided by this. I would suggest all of you join me in being more aware of the world outside the US.