Book Review: Secondhand Souls

Christopher Moore never disappoints, but Secondhand Souls is a special treat because it brings back all the wonderful characters from A Dirty Job and lets them play out the plot to its conclusion. If you haven’t read Dirty Job first, go directly to jail, do not collect $200. Or you know, go back to read it first. That’ll work too.

In my view the Dirty Job series is his best work aside from The Stupidest Angel – my all time favorite. I know a lot of research goes into his books set in the past, but I think his books set in the present let him really concentrate on his wacky characters and convoluted plots. If I want history I’ll buy me a nice Mark Kurlansky.

Folks who enjoy Christopher Moore should really try A. Lee Martinez.

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Review: X-Men Apocalypse

Did I like it? Yes. Do I wish I’d liked it more? Absolutely.

I can’t even say why this particular X-Men installment didn’t thrill me, but I know when I compare it to Captain America Civil War it comes off lacking. Since the X-Men were always my favorites I know it’s not simple preference.

What do you say Zoo denizens? Where did X-Men come up short? Or am I being unfair? I’d love to hear your viewpoints.

Origins is Coming

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