Afraid of the Radio

The unrelenting bad news has succeeded in making me afraid to turn on the radio. The last time I did it was the coup in Turkey. Sure it failed, but on top of all the police shootings (both by them and at them) and the endless roar of the Trump hate engine I’ve had enough.

Part of the reason I’m writing Backstage is I’m trying to get my ideas for fixing the world out there, but now I worry that the world will be beyond help by the time I get the book published.

So, as a start, gerrymandering. That’s gotta go. If you’re looking for a reason why we have the two least popular candidates in the history of our nation, look there. If districts weren’t drawn to be largely one party then politicians would need to be moderate to win. Gerrymandered districts force politicians to extremes to win primaries against challenges from within their own party.

Het ACLU, see if you can make a case for gerrymandering to be unconstitutional will you? That would be a good start. Please?